What we are looking...

A Local Marketer
Across Country

Local marketer that specializes in implementing online marketing strategies to get our products or services in front of people in their local area.

group of people

Support the community and manage social media campaigns for various platforms such as Telegram and Discord to align with marketing strategies.


Actively exploring opportunity to refer our services and products products to other businesses in order to increase the number of our user base.

Our Commitment

WIRTUAL is one of the first of its kind in its concept of Exercise to Earn. We are committed to building a platform that inspires people towards an active and healthy lifestyle while at the same time generating an income.

Make difficult-to-reach blockchain accessible

We want our products and services to be intuitive to all people.

Expand into the global market

Grow fast as we aspire for global market leadership and mass adoption.

Innovate better health & lifestyle

Every time you exercise, you earn extra money as a reward.

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