Seamlessly transform the offline events into virtual where participants can join in from anywhere, at any time on WIRTUAL platform.

sound and music

Make a difference for every move you make at the music festivals. Simply tracking your calories with a smart watch and submit to WIRTUAL.


If you want to organize an innovative sports events in the form of online competitions. Here is the place to be. 

Key Area

Discover the new innovative ways to organize virtual sports events and reward its participants with digital assets.

Immersive Experience

Make a lasting first impression on participants by enriching never-ending experiences for your captivating virtual events using innovative technology to foster joy and excitement for participants.

Reward &

Spice up the event by providing attendees with rewards such as crypto or NFTs to ensure not only attendees are consistently engaged but at the same time also allows you to collect rich attendee data.


Be a pioneer in organizing an innovative event that meets the current people's lifestyles and draws attendance in the same way as a real event does.

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