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Discover new destinations for exercise journey, capture new innovative experiences, and enjoy even more of the rewards you deserve along the journey. Experience the joy of travel, exercise and earn extra rewards at the same time.

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Your Experience

Become a local influencer in your own neighborhood whose passion is to share your blissfully journey with other outdoor enthusiasts and leave behind something positive.

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Simply follow the steps laid out below to start your journey with us

1. Submit Your Request

Submit the form to us and the ball will be rolling straight away. Your submitted form will be thoroughly reviewed and verified. After we have completed verifying your identification, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. On-Site Registration

Encourage people to register at the on-site registration area. Simply point your phone towards generated QR Code conveniently placed in a designed area where your perspective can reach. You will see a pop-up of virtual map with a WIRTUAL balloon floating all the way up in the sky, which indicates that your journey is about to begin.

3. Commission Bonus

Getting paid for doing what you’re passionate about is really a dream come true. Transform your passion into extra revenue by earning a commission from us for the first six months.

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