Metaverse Bank


Metaverse Bank is an infrastructure bank that truly exists in the Metaverse. The name "Metaverse Bank" is inspired by the concept of being an infrastructure bank that fosters a safe, flexible, sustainable and stable financial system across the Metaverse ecosystem.

The Metaverse Bank is a brand new feature among many others that is – fully functional yet user-friendly. Not only does it have P2P (Peers to Peers), which allows two individuals to interact to buy and sell goods directly with each other, but also Savings where users can earn interest and special rewards on their crypto with a crypto savings account. Not to mention a wide array of exciting features that will be available soon.

What truly makes Metaverse Bank special is that all users will have their own card called WIRTUAL Card. The card’s colour represents the owner’s Holders Level and its level of included perks. Should there be any changes in Holders Level, the card's colour will change correspondingly. Exclusively for Business holders (holding 1,500 $WIRTUAL) and above level, WIRTUAL Card's colour turns into luxury Black shade – notably dubbed as ultrawealthy.

Metaverse Bank comprises the following main features:

  • Savings
  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer)
  • WIRTUAL Credit and many more to come. Stay tuned!


Savings acts as your crypto savings account, allowing users to earn interest on their crypto deposits. In this way, they work similarly to how regular banks operate.

There are 3 savings duration to choose from:

  • 3-Month savings duration offers 3% APR* 
  • 6-Month savings duration offers 7% APR* 
  • 12-Month savings duration offers 12% APR* and extra perks.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate or fixed interest calculated on the principal amount. For instance, if you deposit 10,000 $WIRTUAL into a savings account with a 12-month savings duration which offers 12% APR*, when it reaches maturity, you will receive an interest of 1,200 $WIRTUAL, which is equivalent to 12% APR.

Each savings duration offers a different percentage of interest; the longer the duration of savings, the higher the interest rate you stand to gain. With the 12-month savings duration, you will also receive extra benefits such as NFTs wearables and/or corporate profit share, which will be given in the form of BUSD coins.

Savings works similarly to how regular banks operate which means that at any given time, you can withdraw your funds out of your savings account (early withdrawal will not be paid interest.) Therefore, users can rest assured that your crypto will not be taken into any kind of investment.

Savings Terms

Savings is the deposit of cryptocurrency from your internal wallet into a savings account in return for interest. To be entitled to access savings, depositors need to acquire Gold in holders level (Holding at least 500 $WIRTUAL and above). The minimum amount of savings is 100 $WIRTUAL. The total interest earned through Savings will be updated real-time every day. The interest will not be calculated immediately following the deposit. It will be calculated at 00:00 PM (UTC+0) on the second day after your day of deposit.

Savings has a total deposit limit of 1,000,000 $WIRTUAL for all users. If you are a crypto “HODLer,” don’t let $WIRTUAL in your wallet waste for nothing, you can deposit them into a savings account in exchange for interest. Once your savings matures, there are tag statuses informing you that your savings has reached maturity date and is available for redemption. To redeem, you will receive a full amount of principal with interest. The funds you’ve earned will be transferred to your Internal  Wallet.

How to get started with savings 

Now that you understand the general idea of how savings works. Let’s take a look at the process of getting started with a crypto savings account..

  1. Enter Internal Wallet

When the Metaverse Bank is officially opened for use, the appearance of the Internal Wallet will look slightly different. There will be a WIRTUAL CARD and SAVINGS button added.

  1. Click [Savings]

After you’ve entered the Internal Wallet, click the [Savings]. Please make sure that you meet the requirement of holding Gold in holders level before you proceed further to the next step.

  1. Click [Choose Savings]

There will be a [Choose Savings] button for you to click in order to proceed to select the savings duration.

  1. Select Savings Duration

In this step, there will be 3 savings duration for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the duration, then click [Savings Now.] There will be no maximum number of savings required; you are allowed to deposit as many times as you wish till the total number of users deposited exceeds 1,000,000 $WIRTUAL.

  1. Input the amount of $WIRTUAL

Input the amount of $WIRTUAL that you wish to deposit into a savings account. The minimum amount of savings requirement is 100 $WIRTUAL.

  1. Click [Confirm]

Once you’ve input the amount of $WIRTUAL, you can click [Confirm] to deposit $WIRTUAL into a savings account.

  1. Savings Statuses

Once you’ve deposited funds into a savings account, there will be a savings status. The status indicates the progress of which stage the savings has been taken. There are 4 statuses. Each status has the following meaning:

  • Verifying - The deposit is awaiting approval to be imported into the system. (the following day that you made a deposit)
  • Saving - Funds have been in the savings period. For redemption, you will receive principal without interest.
  • Redeemable - Savings reaches maturity and available for redemption. For redemption, you will receive principal with interest.
  • Success - You’ve successfully redeemed both principal with interest (History Tap)

How to Withdraw

  1. Enter Savings Page

Once your savings matures, you can enter into the Savings page. Inside, you will find a redeemable transaction.

  1. Click [Details]

Select transaction with “Redeemable” status that you want to redeem, then click [Details]

  1. Click [Redeem]

If the savings reaches the savings duration, there will be a [Redeem] button for you to click.

  1. Click [Confirm]

Once you click [Confirm], principal and interest will be transferred to your Internal Wallet within 2 days.

Now that you understand the concept of Savings in Metaverse Bank and how it works. If you are a crypto “HODLer” there are always ways to earn interest on your coins with a crypto savings account.

Be on a lookout for the upcoming features such as P2P and WIRTUAL Credit, which will make it easier to access crypto and offer more opportunity and use cases for $WIRTUAL. Stay tuned for the release date.