Virtual Clothes & NFT

Up your game with Avatar wearables

Wearables for your Avatar that will increase your power, giving access to more features. Wearable powers come in 5 levels.

Virtual Clothes

There are 8 types of wearables you can include in your Avatar's outfit

  1. Headgear 1
  2. Headgear 2
  3. Headgear 3
  4. Clothes
  5. Shoes
  6. Accessories
  7. Pet
  8. Medal (Coming Soon)


These are coins that have been designed to be unique. They are used to identify a specific owner. For example, if you have an NFT, you will receive a deed that verifies ownership. If you purchase an NFT wearable on WIRTUAL, the wearable would be your property, and the WIRTUAL coin would be the deed for your property. Once you own the NFT (and its underlying WIRTUAL coin), you can then use it or sell it as you please. You could set any price you want in the Blockchain world.

*Caution: if you sell your NFT WIRTUAL coin and it leaves your External Wallet, you will lose the additional features provided by the NFT.

Wearable NFTs can be found in the following levels:

  • Epic & Legendary: available through specific activities and challenges
  • Mythic: available through specified auctions