1.The Fastest

This type of challenge will be based on the user's ability to accomplish a specific distance within the shortest amount of time. The exact distance will be specified. Those with the best time and least number of submissions will land higher in the rankings.

2.The Longest

In this challenge, distance will not be specified. Users that have covered more distance on their chosen activity in comparison with other users will land higher in the rankings. Should there be any ties, the user that has completed that distance in a shorter amount of time will be ranked higher. If there is a tie in both distance and time, the user with the least amount of submissions will rank higher. If distance, timing, and submissions are all equal, the users will be ranked in the same position.

3.Group Challenge

This challenge will have a specific distance like The Fastest but the performance is measured based on a group instead of an individual user. A team of users can cooperate in order to reach the specified distance. Each user will submit their individual data which will be consolidated with the data of other team members' to determine the final result.