We focus on long-term growth

At WIRTUAL, we prioritize long term growth. Our goal is continuous innovation that will inspire people to take better care of their health in new and exciting ways. We will update our prizes, form partnerships with leading brands in the fitness and tech industry, and release products that stretch far beyond being simply another application. Our platform not only revolves around something as accessible as virtual fitness, but integrates it with the up and coming space in blockchain.

Innovation & Quality

Our team focuses first and foremost on innovation and quality. We value creative, unconventional thinking and bold ideas that can be harnessed into a product that is useful in day to day life. We take utmost care in the quality of service and products that we provide, making sure everything is thoroughly tested and processed through our design system, bringing you the best possible product and service we can offer.

Whether you are a user or investor with a long term goal, WIRTUAL is the platform for you.

From Version 1.0

We started from a pain point where the makers of Virtual Run did not have an adequate platform to host their events. With many submissions of activity results coming in, the platform was not able to process the data in real time. There were many fraudulent submissions, the application was difficult to use, and despite users coming in to use the app daily, it would still require the user to log in through a web browser each time.

Because of this, we set up a a website as a trial to test whether a system of having routes and the ability to connect with the Strava application would make it easier for users to participate in Virtual Run. The result of this confirmed that we were headed in the right direction. We took on the feedback we received from the website and used it create the Virtual Run application that could sustain thousands of users as well has have the ability to connect with Strava, Garmin, Suunto and Fitbit.

When we launched in April 2020, we caught the attention of many event organizers in Thailand who contracted us to create events on the WIRTUAL app.

This how we began in developing the WIRTUAL we all know today.

To Version 2.0

In our latest version, we have moved towards becoming a Super App. With version 2.0, there is the addition of Avatars and its tie-in with unlocking added features. The challenges cover not only running, but walking, swimming and biking as well. We have expanded into e-commerce and cryptocurrency, all of which lay the foundation for our version 3.0 which is based in social media.

After having tested version 1.0 for over a year, we are confident in our development and ready to service the global market

with our new and improved version 2.0. Version 2.0 is an app unlike another, and we believe it will make us the #1 exercise to earn platform.

Coming Soon

Guild War


Q1 / 2022

• ✅ Version 2.0 launch
• ✅ All Challenges launch
• ✅ Sweat Mining
• ✅ Avatar 1.0 and virtual shops (NFT)
• ✅ Brands Shop
• ✅ Brand & Events partnership (Global)

• ✅ Live events integration

• ✅ Tracking system connected with smart watches  

• ✅ Workout & Dance to earn

• ✅ WIRTUAL coach

• ✅ Avatar 2.0

Q2 / 2022

• ✅NFT Avatar 2.0 shop

• ✅Multi-language (Thai, English and Chinese)

• ✅Apple Health Connection

• ✅Google Fits Connection

• ✅NFT Transfer System

• ✅Health features: Auto-Track Steps

• ✅UA Smart Shoes & Map My Run Connection

• ✅New Partnerships with (Noc Noc, Creamfields, Warden Swap, NFT 11 and Wacoal)

• ✅AliPay Payment

• ✅New Profile Picture

• ✅Business Website

• ✅Avatar Profile Capture

• ✅Staking $WIRTUAL on Impossible Finance

• ✅Fraud Detection

Q3 / 2022


  • ✅ New Login System
  • ✅ New Home UI Design
  • ✅ NFTs QR Code Scan
  • ✅ Verified Athlete
  • ✅ Login with WIRTUAL Account
  • ✅ In-App Chat
  • ✅ Multi-Languages: Added Korean, Japanese, German, French and Russian
  • ✅ Badge Redeem
  • ✅ WIRTUAL Incubator
  • Share Your Exercise Result
  • Intro to WIRTUAL LAB: Incubate New Idea
  • Intro to Avatar Master
  • Intro to Metaverse & WIRTUAL Capital: Re-design WIRTUALVERSE Website into new business
  • ⬇︎ Zepp & Zwift API (Move to Q1/2023)
  • ⬇︎ AR Challenge Stadium (Move to Q1/2023)
  • ⬇︎ New NFT Status: Luck (Move to Q1/2023)


  • Guild Feature
      ✅ Create Guild
       ⬇︎ Guild Scholar (Move to Q4)
       ⬇︎ Guild Wallet (Move to Q4)
       ⬇︎ Guild War (Move to Q4)
       ⬇︎ Submit Guild (Move to Q4)
  • ✅ Refactor code
  • ⬇︎ Avatar Shop (Move to Q1/2023)
  • ⬇︎ Marketplace (Move to Q4)


  • ✅ WIRTUAL Commerce & Brand Voucher
  • ⬇︎ Photo Website (Move to Q1/2023)

Metaverse Bank

  • ✅ Saving
  • ⬇︎ Peer to Peer (Move to Q4)


  • ✅ New website lead generation flow
  • ✅ New deck & services for sale on email automation

Q4 / 2022


  • ✅ Auto Track: Steps for Business
  • ✅ Random Box + NFTs Set
  • ✅ Gachapon (New)
  • ✅ QR Code Scan Improvement (New)
  • KYC: Verified Identity (New) - (Moved to Q1/2023)
      ➔ Web Application + Website
  • Challenge 3.0 (New) - (Moved to Q1/2023)
      ➔ Challenge: Element Mode - Earth/Fire/Water/Wind
      ➔ Invidual Challenge
      ➔ Avatar Level
      ➔ Avatar Fit + Health Score
  • Buy Challenge with $WIRTUAL - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • Shopping Cart Improvement (New) - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • Fingerprint & Face Scan (New) - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • WIRTUAL Passport - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • 3.0 WIRTUAL - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • Swap Feature + Send Asset on Internal Wallet - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • NFTs Breeding System - (Moved to Q2/2023)
  • Community Vote Anti-Cheating - (Moved to Q2/2023)
  • Invite to Earn - (Move to Q2/2023)


  • ✅ NFT Marketplace
  • ✅ NFT Costume Feature
  • Avatar Lobby Improvement - Web Application
  • Multi-players RPG (Beta version only passport owner)

  • Guild Feature - (Moved to Q2/2023)
       ➔ Guild Scholar - (Moved to Q2/2023)
       ➔ Guild Wallet - (Moved to Q2/2023)
       ➔ Guild War Phase 1 - (Moved to Q2/2023)
       ➔ Guild Submission - (Moved to Q2/2023)
       ➔ Guild Gachapon - (Moved to Q3/2023)
       ➔ Guild Castle (Home) & Furniture - (Moved to Q3/2023)

  • Club Feature - (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • AR Challenge Stadium (Moved to Q1/2023)


  • Photo Website
  • ✅ Martathon Ticket and Discount Coupon

Metaverse Bank

  • P2P
  • Deposit to invest (Moved to Q1/2023)
  • Invest for long-term (Moved to Q1/2023)


  • Business Generate Challenge
  • Business Generate NFT (Moved to Q1/2023)

Q1 / 2023


  • WIRTUAL 3.0
  • Health System: Personal Health Analytics & Avatar Fit
  • Full Share Your Exercise Result System
  • Sleep to earn
  • Luck Status
  • KYC system (New)
       ➔ Web Application
  • Challenge 3.0 (New)
    ➔ Global Challenge
    ➔ Challenge: Element Mode - Earth/Fire/Water/Wind
    ➔ Invidual Challenge
    ➔ Avatar Level
  • Buy Challenge with $WIRTUAL
  • Shopping Cart Improvement (New)
  • Fingerprint & Face Scan (New)


  • Club Feature (New)
  • AR Challenge Stadium


  • WIRTUAL Full Brand Shop

Metaverse Bank

  • WIRTUAL x Insurance
  • Deposit to invest
  • Invest for long-term


  • Employee Health Analytic
  • Business Generate NFT

Q2 / 2023


  • Challenge 3.0 (Improvement)
       ➔ User Generate Challenge
  • Swap Feature + Send Asset on Internal Wallet
  • NFTs Breeding System
  • WIRTUAL Passport


  • Guild Feature Phase 1
       ➔ Guild Scholar    
       ➔ Guild Wallet
       ➔ Guild War Phase 1
       ➔ Guild Submission
  • Guild Feature Phase 2
     ➔ Guild Gachapon (Moved to Q3/2023)
     ➔ Guild Castle (Home) & Furniture (Moved to Q3/2023)
     ➔ Guild Boss Challenge (Moved to Q3/2023)

  • Embed eCommerce on WIRTUALVERSE


  • Social Commerce

Metaverse Bank

  • Banking for Metaverse Merchant


  • AR for Business