Auto-track steps

Auto-Track Steps automatically counts your steps and converts them into $WIRTUAL. No smartwatch, — no worries! As you can do it all on your phone.

Sleep to earn

Convert your healthy sleeping habits into $WIRTUAL without the need of making submissions. Simply strap on a smartwatch while you’re sleeping. That's it!.

Daily data

Get your activity result automatically submitted by just login into WIRTUAL daily. Your $WIRTUAL will be in your internal wallet the day after tomorrow your submission begins.

Reward Pool

$WIRTUAL rewards will be properly distributed to your internal wallet every day. Everybody gets their reward in an equal amount.


More Motivation
Discover your motivation to exercise every day through various exercise challenges.
Earn Crypto & NFTs
Earn crypto for every movement you make and every step you take to improve your health.
Explore new friends who share your passion for exercise in our active-gathering community.

Learn more about WIRTUAL

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More Information

Start an auto-track steps with 3 easy steps

Simply follow the 3 steps below to get start Auto-track steps.


Connect your WIRTUAL with Apple Health or Google Fit


Carrying your phone in your pocket while going about your activity


Login on WIRTUAL app for your steps to get logged

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